This is a brief list of topics covered in lessons with Will:

– Moeller technique
– Rudimental studies
– Basic rhythms:Rock,pop,jazz etc
– Drum fills
- Co-ordination

Lessons are conducted on a one-one basis in 1 hour sessions. And planned for the individual students needs.
The first lesson would include:
– stick grip/fulcrum
– single and double strokes on a pad/snare
– what a drum kit consists of
– counting/playing along to a click

Any student’s that already play will be asked to play and then a course will be planned out of  how to get the student to where they want to be.
I’m now able to offer video lessons.

Simply Film yourself and email over the footage and i can critique it and send a videoed reply back. For more details contact me on willtaylordrums@googlemail.com